🇫🇮 Greencode Ventures supercharges the Green Transition with a successful first close

August 29, 2023

Press release form Greencode Ventures

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Greencode Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on accelerating the green transition through investing in digital-first startups, is thrilled to announce the successful first close of the new fund and its first investment. 

We are grateful for the support and trust by our investors who have allowed us to embark on this transformative journey. During the past months we have raised nearly 40 MEUR, with the help of Business Finland Venture Capital, Nordea Life Assurance Finland, Pohjola Insurance, OP Life Assurance Company, Konstsamfundet Ventures, Kelonia, Stephen Industries, Atavus, Nidoco, Halton Ventures, Ikorni Invest, Tre Smeder, KJL Consulting and other experienced LPs.

We have now made our first investment in Supercritical, a cutting-edge marketplace for carbon removal. Supercritical’s mission aligns with our investment thesis to support innovative digital solutions that combat climate change and promote a sustainable future.

Moreover, we are honored to announce the distinguished members of our Greencode Advisory Board: Sari Baldauf, the chairwoman of Nokia, bringing invaluable insights and experience in the tech industries in our focus area, and Mika Anttonen, the majority owner of the energy company St1, who is a visionary entrepreneur using profits to finance projects that combat climate change and strive to replace oil. Their involvement further solidifies our commitment to making a lasting impact not only in the startup ecosystem but in critical industries more broadly.

Greencode Ventures is proud to be an active participant in the VC ecosystem, accelerating the green transition and supporting start-ups that are dedicated to making a positive impact. The Greencode team envisions “a future in which “Green” is the growth engine. Innovative companies are key in achieving this future, and Greencode aims to be a strong force enabling this change.”

We firmly believe that diversity drives innovation and progress, and we are determined to lead by example. As a female-led and founded VC, Greencode Ventures aims to address the underrepresentation of female founding teams in the VC landscape (only 1 % of all VC funding in Europe is raised by women-only founding teams).

Petri Serenius, the Investment Director of Business Finland Venture Capital: “We are delighted to provide our support for the launch of Greencode’s fund, which will invest in promising early-stage climate tech companies in Finland and Europe. We couldn’t think of a more relevant and impactful investment topic for a venture fund. Greencode boasts experienced personnel capable of creating substantial value for their portfolio companies.”

Press release by Greencode Ventures. Read more here.

About Greencode Ventures

Greencode Ventures is a pan-European VC firm specialising in green transition with rapidly scaling digital solutions that create impact within this decade. Greencode started in 2023 and is based in Finland, Germany and Sweden. The founding partners are industrial transformist Kaisa Hietala and green energy venture capitalists Terhi Vapola and Ines Bergmann-Nolting. The founding team also consists of two entrepreneurs in the digital impact space Manuel Heckmann and Karin Henriksson, and has been strengthened by the green transition professionals Patrik Fjällberg and Oskari Ojavuo.

Karin Henriksson, [email protected]

Originally published on 29 August.