🇫🇮 SCIC: Focus and Areal Groups to accelerate exports

August 11, 2023

Press release from SCIC

SCIC aims to connect the solution-makers to cities’ challenges, especially the ones investing to solve the challenges. To make it efficient, SCIC has created Focus and Areal Groups. The Groups combine the solvers interested in certain markets, concerning expertise or geographical area.

SCIC is forming focus groups for Built Environment, Digitalization and Connectivity, Energy and Urban mobility.

At the moment, The Areal Groups aim to accelerate exports to Los Angeles, the USA, and Madrid, Spain. Later this year, Groups for Nusantara, Indonesia, and Fukuoka, Japan. Read more about the existing Areal opportunities below.

Areal Groups accelerate exports for the USA and Spanish markets

Los Angeles New Green Deal and Madrid Nuevo Norte are potential for long-term collaboration and continuous source of challenges. To generate suitable challenges directly for interested members, SCIC establishes Areal Groups to gather the ones aiming for the markets of the U.S.A and Spain.

The Los Angeles New Green Deal is an ongoing program until 2045, with a yearly budget of $2-8 billion. The focus for Finnish operators is in mobility and transit, renewable energy, and the built environment.

Madrid has been acknowledged as one of the most prominent areas of urban development in Europe. The most notable project of Madrid is Nuevo Norte, with the purpose to regenerate the northern area of the city with a total budget of €25 billion. The focus is in mobility, waste management and building materials, to mention a few.

SCIC has assigned an official partnership agreement with Madrid World Capital Cluster (MWCC), the organizing association of Nuevo Norte, to enable Finnish – Spanish cooperation. MWCC is mapping the Spanish companies and organizations in order to match them with SCIC members.

Focus Groups bring the expertise together

Big things are done together. That’s why Focus Groups bring the experts of each field together, to enter new markets and create change-making products. During the fall, Focus Groups in Built Environment, Digitalization and connectivity, Mobility & Transportation and Energy are launching.

Built Environment covers for example smart buildings, urban infrastructure and carbon-neutral construction. The demand for smarter construction is high around the world to cut the emissions and costs of housing. A wide range of solutions are needed for green field projects as renovation of older infrastructure, and Finland is a forerunner in many smart building and construction solutions.

Mobility & Transportation is focusing on improving the efficiency, sustainability, and safety of urban transportation systems. The solutions aim to solve urban congestion, pollution, and the need for seamless and efficient movement of people and goods. This covers Intelligent Transportation Systems, Smart Traffic Management and Autonomous Vehicles, to name a few.

Energy focuses on optimizing energy generation, distribution, consumption, and management to create greener and more resilient cities. The major part of energy is consumed in cities, so the biggest potential in reducing the consumption is in City Solutions. It can cover for example Energy Management Systems, Energy Storage Solutions and Smart Lightning.

Understanding the field is crucial when entering new markets. This is one of the core benefits SCIC offers for its members, and it’s delivered through Focus Groups. SCIC identifies the opportunities that fit the Focus Group members best, and plans the market entry strategy by connecting the challenge owners to solution-makers – the ones who aim to export Smart City solutions.

One aim in Focus groups is to make use-cases from collaborative solutions for present possible solutions to challenge owners

Fast Track for international markets

Focus and Areal Groups are the fast track for entering international markets through SCIC. The Groups are members-access-only, and export-promoting operations are done solely to serve the members in the Groups.

If you are interested in joining the Groups, log in to Expertise Area and find the Group of your interest. And if you’re not yet a member, contact CEO Pertti Kortejärvi for more information

Pertti Kortejärvi

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Originally published on 10 August.