February 5, 2024
The Nordic Pavilion at Expo 2025 Osaka

Finnish companies have introduced a wide variety of green products and solutions that can help to reach the shift towards economically sustainable growth in the future. The next World Expo held in Osaka in 2025, brings together about 180 countries and thousands of companies. Finland shares a pavilion together with other four Nordic countries in Osaka Expo. The pavilion serves as a unique event platform for companies to showcase their services and technologies for six months starting from April 2025. One of the Nordic Pavilion’s main themes is the Green Transition, strongly linked to the World Expo’s overarching theme, Designing Future Society for Our Lives.

Finland will emphasize the innovations and solutions from various fields that support the green transition at the event. Japan is Finland’s second-largest trading partner in Asia, and Japanese society is actively seeking partners to implement the transition towards a more sustainable society. Japan aspires to reach their Society 5.0 plan with the help of international partnerships. Relationships are crucial in Japan, and by participating Expo 2025 Osaka, Finland and the Nordic countries demonstrate their support for one of Japanese society’s most significant initiatives. This will not be unnoticed.

There are already multitude of Finnish companies that target Japan and have access to the Japanese market. By joining Finland as a partner of Nordic Pavilion at Expo, companies can significantly strengthen trade relations with their Japanese and international stakeholders. New business opportunities are also available for small and medium-sized enterprises, particularly through the clusters built around Business Finland’s and project’s themes. Business Finland operates Finland’s participation at the Nordic project.

“Finnish companies should take advantage of this unique opportunity to participate the World Expo. It’s a remarkable vantage point for commercial purposes and an excellent opportunity to handle and improve the stakeholder relationships in Japan. Japan is actively seeking new solutions to build their Green Transition solutions and utilizes the World Expo to explore innovations”, says Finland’s Commissioner General Nita Pilkama.

“Finland already has ready-made commercial solutions that could help Japanese companies and operators achieve their carbon-neutral goals. In addition, Japan and Finland have a great relationships and can actively work for closer cooperation in innovations that solve future challenges”, says Helena Sarén, Director of Business Finland’s Zero Carbon Future mission.

“The Expo offers Finland and Finnish companies an excellent opportunity to strengthen their global leadership position in the Green Transition. At the same time, the Expo is not only able to target Japan – it provides an opportunity to strengthen networks globally”, Sarén continues.

The Osaka World Expo is estimated to receive about 28 million visitors, and the Nordic Pavilion aims for 13 million visitors during its opening days. Most visitors who come to see the Nordic pavilion will visit the ground floor exhibition in the pavilion. The Nordic exhibition is still under planning. The exhibition will reflect the goal of the Nordic Expo project: the Nordic countries promote sustainable changes for the environment and society for a better future.

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Originally published on 5 February by Business Finland.

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