🇫🇮 FIinnadvance announces the industrialization of its AKITA organ-on-chip platform

May 27, 2024

Finnadvance announces the industrialization of its AKITA organ-on-chip platform

Finnadvanced, a Life Science company from Oulu, is proud to announce the launch of their standardized AKITA organ-on-chip platform.

About 5 years ago, the company shared a vision for replacing animal testing in life science with New Approach Methodologies using organ-on-chip technologies. Those are microfluidic chips (not electronic chips) that shape cells into organ-like architecture aiming at more precise modeling of human physiology. The goal was to de-risk drug development by better predicting the toxicity/efficacy of therapies developed by the pharmaceutical industry.

The recently launched AKITA organ-on-chip platform aims for:
• Higher throughput for the test of the high number of drug compounds and cost reduction
• Compatible with existing equipment for easy implementation in laboratory workflows
• Price competitive for common use in worldwide laboratories

More information: www.akita.bio

Source: Finnadvance

Originally published on 26 May by Oulu Health.

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