🇫🇮 Fingrid appeals the Energy Agency’s decision on the balancing guarantee model to the Market Court

January 2, 2024

In late November, the Energy Authority issued a decision on the terms and conditions for balance responsible parties, which include the principles for how collateral requirements are determined. The Energy Authority’s decision includes major changes to the current collateral terms and conditions and sets apart Finland’s collateral model from that used in other Nordic countries. The most significant changes to the current collateral model concern the collateral formula’s multiplier, the changing of the collateral requirements and the collateral ceiling.

Read more in Fingrid’s press release of 20.12.2023 >

Fingrid appeals against the Energy Agency’s decision to the Market Court.

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Asta Sihvonen-Punkka, President & CEO, Fingrid Oyj, tel. +358 50 573 9053, [email protected]

Originally published on 2 January by Finngrid.

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