🇫🇮 Enhancing precision: Grainsense handheld A2 in comparative testing

Press release from Grainsense

November 10, 2023

In the realm of agricultural technology, precision holds substantial value. The accurate assessment of grain parameters like protein and moisture content significantly impacts grain and oilseeds supply chain. The GrainSense Handheld A2 has emerged as a significant contender, showing promise at the first stage of the ongoing internal testing. This testing seeks to evaluate the A2’s performance in comparison to commonly employed lab NIR analyzer FOSS Nova, with precision as the focal point.

Precision Insights

Our first stage of testing completed in September 2023 uncovered noteworthy insights into the capabilities of the GrainSense Handheld A2:

  1. Protein Precision:The A2 exhibited higher precision in estimating protein content for most of the supported crops when compared to conventional lab device. This heightened precision was evident in barley, oats, rye, and rapeseed samples (1SD 0.20; 0.22; 0.27; 0.28% accordingly).
  2. Moisture Measurement: Moisture content plays a pivotal role in grain quality assessment. In this regard, the A2 displayed superior precision across most grain species. Notably, it demonstrated exceptional precision in measuring soybean moisture, boasting a single standard deviation 4 times lower than of the FOSS Nova (0.08 and 0.33% accordingly).
  3. Oil Content Capability: Beyond its excellence in protein and moisture analysis, the GrainSense Handheld A2 also showcased its competence in measuring oil content. It consistently and accurately gauged oil content in soybean, rapeseed, and maize samples, reaffirming its adaptability and dependability.

Species and Samples

Our testing encompassed a diverse range of common grain species, providing a comprehensive assessment of our tool’s capabilities. The species tested included wheat, barley, maize, soybean, oat, rye, and rapeseed samples. Across these diverse samples, the GrainSense Handheld A2 consistently delivered precise and reliable measurements. Even considering limited amount of data from this first testing stage, these results reflect high reliability of our innovative solution.

Practical Significance

The implications of these findings extend to farmers, grain processors, and industry professionals. The heightened precision offered by the GrainSense Handheld A2 translates into more informed decisions concerning harvest, storage, and overall grain management. This device empowers agricultural practitioners to monitor crop quality with high precision instantly at spot.

The Future of Grain Analysis

As we contemplate the future of grain analysis, the GrainSense Handheld A2’s performance holds promise. This portable, user-friendly device demonstrates an ability to rival traditional lab devices in terms of precision. With its capacity to provide accurate measurements across diverse parameters and grain species, it equips individuals in the agricultural sector with valuable data for improved efficiency and decision-making.

In agriculture, precision matters more and more, and the GrainSense Handheld Analyzer is poised to contribute significantly to this ongoing sustainability enhancement.

Originally published on 9 November by Grainsense.

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