🇫🇮 CooliBlade Recognized as Top 60 Company in Kasvu Open Competition

September 28, 2023

Press release from CooliBlade

CooliBlade has been handpicked as one of the top 60 growth companies in the esteemed Kasvu Open competition. This placement underscores CooliBlade standing as a significant entity in the technological innovation landscape.
The competitive Kasvu Open sparring program, known for its comprehensive growth-oriented business events and extensive network of experienced advisors and entrepreneurs, has provided CooliBlade the platform to refine its growth strategy and business internationalization efforts.

Kasvu Open entrepreneurial sparring days have already served as a platform for the CooliBlade team to interact with experienced advisors and entrepreneurs. These interactions have equipped the company with valuable insights and knowledge, building its capabilities for enhanced business growth and strategic expansion on a global scale.

Aki Määttä, Head of Marketing and Business Development at CooliBlade, declared the Kasvu Open to be a valuable opportunity for CooliBlade: “The Kasvu Open experience and subsequent recognition of our place in the top 60 indicating the potential of our product platforms. This program has provided us with to enhance our growth strategy. As we move forward in the program we look forward to gathering even more insights that we can apply to our ongoing developments and bolster our global presence.”

Originally published on 27 September.