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November 24, 2023

Combining different devices together into smooth, uniform, and easy to use combination takes special kind of expertise. That kind of expertise was showcased in Teknologia 23 event in Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre, when numerous people arrived to try Medicube X® eHealth Station™ for themselves. Looking like an ordinary office phone booth at first, the eHealth Station hides a copious amount of different measurement technologies inside to form one consistent whole. Guided by the touch screen within the Station, users can efficiently measure their own vital signs, cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors and fill in questionnaires, saving healthcare professionals time and effectively cutting queue times in clinics and hospitals.  The Station also enables the users to keep track of their health with autonomous check-ups and receive treatment wherever they are with the remote appointment functionality. 


Elaborate integration with user-friendly design 


The eHealth Station, developed by MedicubeX Ltd in close collaboration with Innokas, contains seven different measurement devices that can measure all the vital signs covering blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate and body temperature. In addition, the Station has the devices needed to record and autonomously analyze a single lead ECG, to measure weight and body composition and to measure skin AGEs, all important in the assessment of a person’s health and need of treatment.  Innokas has provided talent to recognize, find, and integrate the different measurement devices within the Station to make everything work together and to provide clear and readable information for patients and healthcare professionals alike. “The multi-integration expertise is one of the most significant efforts Innokas has provided in this project,” Head of Innokas Design Studio Jenni Tuulos remarks. Innokas has also provided thorough software expertise for the project. 


Although under the supervision of healthcare professionals, as people with no healthcare education will be the main users of the eHealth Station, usability is integral to its functionality. A large touchscreen guides the user along to take all the different measurements in a way that is both self-evident and user friendly, making it clear when each of the measurements has been completed successfully. The general design of the eHealth Station has been completed in a collaboration with Innokas’ customer MedicubeX and industrial design experts to ensure that all the integrated technologies are working as intended with the most attention on the end-users needs. “We have had a Station in use in a public sector primary care center in Helsinki since April 2023. According to a real-life patient survey organized by the center, 98% of users could recommend the eHealth Station to others and would use it again. To us, this proves that we have succeeded in the design of both the hardware and the software of the Station,” summarized CEO Vili Kostamo M.D from MedicubeX Ltd. 


Complicated device development with an agile approach 


Despite its intricate assembly and the number of integrated measurement devices, the Medicube X® eHealth Station’s development has been marked by an agile approach and an efficient market entry with well-timed CE-marking. “Innokas’ processes are well suited to approach complicated projects like this with efficiency, while maintaining flexibility and continuous improvement along the way,” Jenni regards. A device as large as the eHealth Station, that is the sum of its multiple parts, works as a tangible example of complicated technology being delivered to its intended users with both efficiency and care.


See the video below for the Teknologia 23 event atmophere and the Medicube X® eHealth Station in use.



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Originally published on 23 November by Innokas.

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