🇫🇮 Call for Finnish companies to join the Health Day at Osaka Expo

May 29, 2024

Japan and Finland face similar challenges in the demographic structure of their societies. Photo: Adobe Stoc

Finland is participating World Exhibition 2025 in Osaka, Japan with joint project with other Nordic countries. One of the three leading themes of the Nordic Expo 2025 Osaka is Health and Wellbeing. As the main focus for the World Expo is Future Society, this health theme fits very well to it and brings a great opportunity to introduce the Finnish leading technologies and innovations for health care and general wellbeing.

Japan is facing similar challenges as Finland with an ageing population and new healthcare needs in the near future. Business Finland’s Health Reimagined 2035 mission aims to accelerate systemic change and help solve major global challenges. The mission also identifies significant future market opportunities for Finnish companies.

During Expo 2025 Osaka, Business Finland will organize a joint day for Finnish companies working with digital health, medical technology, data usage, innovations for seniors and illness prevention, as well as wellbeing solutions. These health topics offer huge potential for Finnish companies in both Japanese and global markets.


We invite Finnish companies, research organizations, and universities that offer solutions, innovations, or world-class research in health and wellbeing to join the company day and showcase to the world what Finland can offer.

The Health Day’s program will be tailored to the participants’ expertise and interests. The date will be confirmed in late June, and the Health Day is planned to coincide with a major health exhibition in Japan to offer a comprehensive experience.


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More information about the Exhibition Explorer Funding


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Originally published on 28 May by Business Finland.

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