🇫🇮 Augmented adventures: Bosch HMI and Basemark are ready to pave the way

May 1, 2024

Basemark and Bosch HMI partner

While the automotive industry grapples with a conflux of challenges ranging from rising commodity-prices to supply chain bottlenecks, production shutdowns, semiconductor shortages, and stringent emissions standards — customer demands and technological advancements keep disrupting the landscape. Augmented Reality (AR) has established itself as a promising agent in ushering the industry towards assisted prototyping, streamlined production, remote collaboration, virtual inspections, logistical visibility, and in enhancing driver experiences and safety.

Today, automotive AR market ranges from video-based AR auxiliary display to head-up displays such as optical see-through AR windshields. Bosch, being the world’s largest automotive supplier, plays a pivotal role in the implementing AR and ensuring outstanding virtual experience. However, these AR technologies may pose perceptual issues and need effective solutions as safety is paramount.

With the aim to provide AR services that help OEMs tap into market opportunities, Bosch HMI, leading provider of comprehensive Human-Machine Interface (HMI) solutions, has joined forces with Basemark, leading AR development tools company, committed to accelerating immersive solutions for automotive AR experiences.

As a member of Basemark’s Rocksolid Partner Ecosystem, Bosch HMI is equipped to rapidly develop, test, and debug AR-based UI concepts and prototypes and transition them to series production at speed. Integrated into Bosch’s existing tooling suite, Rocksolid AR will add to the creation of cutting-edge AR applications that bring feature rich POCs to life.

This partnership underscores our strategy of being the automotive industry’s leading supplier of AR development software. Our primary objective is to increase the productivity of AR development teams and enable them to create unforeseen AR experiences in record time. The inclusion of our Rocksolid AR in the tooling suite of Bosch, one of the largest Tier-1 suppliers in the world, marks a significant milestone for us.

-Tero Sarkkinen, Founder and CEO of Basemark

Bosch, as the leading automotive technology supplier, and Basemark, a pioneer in AR development software, make for a strategic alliance with the following capabilities:

  • Conceptualization of in-car AR experience, and creation of tailored UX and applications
  • Turnkey solutions like HMI Test Automation Equipment and end-to-end IoT Testing
  • Verification and evaluation of concepts and prototypes

Bosch ensures incredible AR experiences and intelligent HMI with tools and microservices including HMI ML-Ops, AI virtual assistants, UI analytics, AR cloud and content management. Furthermore, HMI test automation uses test scenarios for testing enabling faster and accurate assessment of user interactions. Thus, benefiting both the end user and OEM with personalized product and AR experiences increasing customer satisfaction.

In addition, Bosch offers a system to automatically validate HMI with Graphical Test System (GTS), an adaptive and responsive HMI validation tool. It addresses all the prevailing technical drawbacks inconsistency in defect detection, interoperability issues, and inability to meet time latency requirements with a pixel perfect and unimaginably fast system.

Meanwhile, Basemark’s automotive offering include turnkey AR applications for AR driving assistance, navigation, and personalization, Rocksolid AR studio to develop and debug AR apps, and Rocksolid AR SDK to ensure immersive AR experiences. Along with this, they provide professional Software engineering consulting for AR, AD, ADAS, middleware, and firmware.

Together, Bosch HMI and Basemark can help automotive industry to make advances in the existing user interfaces making it future-proof. Subsequently, offering OEMs a vantage point in delivering intuitive experiences, enhanced safety features, contextualized UI/UX, and more.

Set to push the boundaries of the automotive AR services space, Basemark partnering with Bosch HMI fuels a renewed vision of making immersive AR-enhanced HMIs a customized gateway for manufacturers to win with their customers. Moreover, this partnership will lead digital innovations in other domains as well, including consumer electronics, industrial products, aerospace, and healthcare with NxtGen connected and digital HMIs.

Originally published on 30 April by Basemark.

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