🇫🇮 Another example of Ilmatar’s expertise: Palma wind park completed ahead of schedule

October 18, 2023

Press release from Ilmatar

Ampner participates in the implementation of Ilmatar Energy's wind ...

Electricity production in Ilmatar’s Palma Wind Park in Somero, southern Finland, has commenced. The project was completed ahead of schedule. Palma’s transition to commercial production is the latest example of Ilmatar’s ability to develop and build renewable energy projects for its ownership.

Ilmatar’s 17.2-megawatt (MW) wind park in Somero’s Palma is now generating renewable energy for Finland’s electrical grid.

The Palma wind park consists of four 4.3 MW Vestas wind turbines with blades rotating at a height of 105 meters and a sweep height of 180 meters.

“In Palma, we achieved completion ahead of schedule, just as we reported last week for the Jäkäläkangas Wind Park. These are practical examples of our expertise in developing and constructing renewable energy projects,” said Petri Ainonen, Ilmatar’s Director of Construction.

The Palma park can supply electricity to approximately 20,000 apartment units.

Consistent with Ilmatar’s strategy, the Palma wind park remains in the company’s ownership throughout its lifecycle. Technical and commercial management is overseen by Ilmatar Service Oy.

Originally published on 17 October.