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April 13, 2023

Press release from TactoTek

TactoTek® adds BeLink Solutions to enhance the supply of IMSE® Technology and expand supply chain to enable 3D smart surfaces

  • TactoTek and BeLink Solutions’ collaboration expands the ecosystem providing a world-class supplier of functional films
  • BeLink Solutions’ experience in Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) and printed electronics along with TactoTek’s ground breaking IMSE technology, opens new business areas for BeLink Solutions
  • This collaboration enables the fast and efficient ramp-up of IMSE production and serves our licensees in Automotive and Consumer Electronics market segments

Oulu, Finland/La Ferté Bernard, France, April 13, 2023  – Finnish IMSE pioneer TactoTek and BeLink Solutions, a multi-industry leading EMS supplier in automotive, industrial and smart home & building market segments, have signed a license agreement. As a TactoTek licensee, BeLink Solutions will design and build IMSE functional films, integrating TactoTek’s design rules to enable the supply of functional films for the development of innovative smart surfaces. With BeLink Solutions as a design and functional film supplier, TactoTek’s licensees can now access the complete ecosystem for developing unique 3D smart surfaces.

Critical value-add to enable providing smart and intelligent solutions to customers

The license enables BeLink Solutions to be an ideal product partner for TactoTek’s other licensees. The IMSE license for the provisioning of functional films adds value to the existing product line, enabling BeLink Solutions to meet the market demand for smart surfaces. “We can draw on existing experience and our installed equipment to guarantee our mutual IMSE customers a quick entry into the market. Further, the combination of BeLink Solutions’ years of experience coupled with TactoTek’s innovative technology opens a new business area for us”, says Pierre Ball, Sales and Marketing Director, BeLink Solutions.

Complete ecosystem for our licensees to design, build, and manufacture IMSE Smart Surfaces

TactoTek’s objective is to build a world-class partner ecosystem, ensuring IMSE technology is the go-to technology for smart interfaces and surfaces. With BeLink Solutions, a critical milestone for the supply of functional surfaces is met, and the industry can benefit from this collaboration.  According to Marko-Suo Anttila, SVP, Consulting and Services at TactoTek, “BeLink Solutions’ robust experience in electronics manufacturing, combined with their expertise in printed electronics and design for manufacturing capabilities, ensures rapid adaptation to IMSE technology from the early stages of a product’s lifecycle all the way to mass production. This winning combination positions them as a leading force in the industry.”

With the addition of BeLink Solutions, and our ecosystem of engineering design partners, TactoTek has the right network of partners to enable scaling and successful deployment of IMSE technology-based innovative interfaces.

About TactoTek

TactoTek develops and licenses In-Mold Structural Electronics (IMSE®) for its customers over a broad range of industries. With especially strong interest from the automotive market, the IMSE vision of smart surfaces, smaller carbon footprint, and circular economy resonates beyond the surface, bringing technology innovators and brands together in previously unseen ways. TactoTek helps brand owners and suppliers to flourish in the new era of smart surfaces.

TactoTek is funded by international leaders in finance and industry committed to advancing technology solutions that benefit consumers and the environment. TactoTek investors include Conor Venture Partners, 3M Ventures, Repsol Energy Ventures, Faurecia Ventures, Voima Ventures, Tesi, Nidoco AB, and Cornes Technologies Limited. For more information, please visit tactotek.com.

About BeLink Solutions

BeLink Solutions is a leading supplier of embedded electronics and multilayer screen printing, recognized as an expert in sensitive environments since 1990. BeLink Solutions extend over 30 years of expertise as a Tier-1 to offer to its clients, active in the industry, automotive, and Smart Home & Building markets, competitive and high-quality solutions in the field of electronics.

BeLink Solutions boasts high-precision industrial know-how that covers the design and industrialisation of smart objects for mobility. We specialise in small, medium-sized, and high-volume runs to produce and assemble circuit boards. At BeLink Solutions, we forge high-quality, close-knit relations with our clients, making a long-term commitment to bringing their products and innovations to life.

Find out more about BeLink Solutions on https://www.belink-solutions.com/language/en/

Media Contacts

Karthikesh Raju
SVP Product Management and Marketing
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BeLink Solutions
Pierre Ball
Sales and Marketing Director
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Originally published on 13 April.

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