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Press release from Renewall Energy

- December 8, 2023

HALIFAX, November 30th, 2023 – Renewall Energy Inc., (dba: Renewall), is ready to transform Nova Scotia’s energy sector. This Nova Scotia-based renewable energy company specializes in on-shore wind, solar, and energy storage and is committed to delivering clean, reliable energy to businesses and residences across Nova Scotia.

The company’s first supply of energy will be from the Mersey River Wind project, a 148.5MW facility.  This project received its Environmental Assessment Approval in March 2023, and recently received provincial approval for the Lease of Crown Land located near Milton in Queens County.  This project marks the beginning of Renewall’s commitment to transforming Nova Scotia into a global leader in the transition to clean energy and will play a key role in achieving Nova Scotia’s 2030 targets as defined in the Environmental Goals and Climate Change Reduction Act.

“This is a key milestone in progressing the Mersey River Wind project, the largest wind farm approved in Nova Scotia to date. With support of the community, local industry, and all levels of government we are excited to provide clean energy directly to Nova Scotians.” said Daniel Roscoe, CEO of Roswall Development Inc.

Renewall is owned by Roswall Development Inc., another Nova Scotian renewable energy company with operations spanning the Maritimes and various Caribbean Islands. At the helm of both Renewall and Roswall is Daniel Roscoe, a Nova Scotian engineer and renewable energy pioneer recognized for his expertise in climate, energy, and local economic development.

Renewall operates under a licence issued by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (NSUARB), the regulatory authority for electricity in the province. This licence was granted under the Renewable to Retail program, established by the provincial government in 2014, to facilitate access to the local market, for local renewable energy.

Renewall is gearing up to provide clean energy to Nova Scotia businesses and residences.  As capacity increases, Renewall’s reach will expand to provide clean energy to anyone in the province who can access electricity from Nova Scotia Power’s grid. Renewall will provide Nova Scotia with sustainable renewable energy at a price which will be competitive and predictable over time.

Renewall invites all interested parties to learn more about their mission and projects by visiting their website at renewallenergy.ca or by reaching out via email at [email protected].

With Renewall’s dedication to clean energy and Nova Scotia’s sustainable future, the province is taking a significant step toward ensuring there will be clean energy created in Nova Scotia for Nova Scotians.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Angela Gaul

Roswall Development Inc

Email: [email protected]

For More information, please visit the following:

Renewall Energy Inc – www.renewallenergy.ca

Mersey River Wind – www.merseywind.ca


Originally published on 30 November by Renewall Energy.

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