McKinley Alaska Private Investment, LLC & Launch Alaska partnership

September 30, 2021

Bringing solutions to the front line of the energy transition.

Anchorage, Alaska – Launch Alaska is pleased to announce McKinley Alaska Private Investment, LLC as its premier Infrastructure Partner. This partnership will see the deployment of sustainable and impactful solutions to businesses and communities in Alaska.

Launch Alaska’s Infrastructure Partners are builders. They include corporations and investors who acknowledge that the energy transition is fundamentally reshaping our environment and economy. They are focused on deploying safe and cost-effective clean technologies and injecting capital into Alaska projects. Infrastructure Partners see the growth potential in Launch Alaska’s portfolio of companies, network, and the projects they facilitate. By working with Launch Alaska, Infrastructure Partners have direct access to steel-in-the-ground projects, startup deal flow, relationships with investors, and insights into the leading edge of the energy transition.

Launch Alaska and McKinley Alaska both have a strong mission of investing in Alaska-based economic development and are excited to establish exciting, longer-term partnership opportunities together.

“McKinley Alaska has demonstrated leadership and innovation in private investment in Alaska,” said Isaac Vanderburg, CEO of Launch Alaska. “Our organizations have been connected for years, and McKinley continues to be an advocate for and supporter of Launch Alaska’s work to scale technologies to fight climate change. We are looking forward to the increase in the number of projects and deployment opportunities that this partnership will unlock, especially in our aligned areas of technology innovation and transportation, maritime, and energy infrastructure.”

There is a clear alignment of Launch Alaska’s focus on mitigating climate change through decarbonizing and electrifying the state of Alaska and McKinley Alaska’s investment focus in technology, renewable energy, transportation, energy services, and infrastructure. This partnership enhances McKinley Alaska’s ability to identify, analyze, and invest in Alaska on behalf of its clients as well as Launch Alaska’s ability to build real projects in Alaska.

“Our partnership with Launch Alaska enhances McKinley Alaska’s ability to expand our expertise and opportunities in-state while delivering returns for our Limited Partners,” said Joe Jacobson, Vice President, Private Equity at McKinley Alaska. “We are setting an example and standard for project financing structures to accelerate the deployment of infrastructure projects in Alaska. We are already seeing positive results from this relationship and look forward to more impactful opportunities on the horizon.”

About Launch Alaska: 

Developing and deploying solutions to climate change has the potential to radically improve our world, moving us away from pollution and extraction, and towards equity, access, and abundance. Launch Alaska views startups as the key to a needed industrial re-revolution—driving the rapid modernization and decarbonization of our critical systems to mitigate the causes and effects of climate change, while unlocking incredible economic opportunity.

The challenges are massive. But the solutions are exciting, and we’re proud to partner with game-changing startups from all over the globe to amplify their efforts to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.

About McKinley Management, LLC:

McKinley Management, LLC is a privately held, Alaska-based firm providing world-class investment, research, consulting and advisory services from its Anchorage, Juneau and Chicago offices. McKinley Management’s three business units — McKinley Capital Management, LLC, McKinley Alaska Private Investment, LLC and McKinley Research Group, LLC — work together to provide clients around the globe with multiple services and integrated solutions from one company. McKinley was recognized in 2020 as one of Pensions and Investments® magazine’s Best Places to Work in Money Management. 

About McKinley Alaska Private Investment, LLC:

McKinley Alaska Private Investment, LLC offers private equity investment opportunities, makes private investments in selected projects, and provides direct lending for qualified businesses. McKinley Alaska Private Investment, LLC began in 2019 as an initiative of McKinley Capital Management, LLC. In 2021, the firm was created to formalize McKinley’s private investment business and its specific products and services. The team is supported by McKinley Capital’s robust and experienced public investment methodology, and McKinley Research’s multidisciplinary team of professionals with expertise in economics, market research, feasibility studies, survey research, and program evaluations.

Media Contact: Alyssa London, Director of Marketing and Communications
Email: [email protected]

This press release was originally posted on the website of Launch Alaska.


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