About the Arctic Business Journal:

At ArcticToday we want to bring the resourcefulness and innovation of Arctic inhabitants to the forefront. That is why we founded the Arctic Business Journal, a platform to give Arctic businesses a voice. From Anchorage to Akureyri to Anadyr, we are dedicated to showcasing the potential of this dynamic region.

The Arctic Business Journal tells the story many news outlets won’t: in a rapidly changing region, Arctic inhabitants, businesses and communities are rising to the challenge.

The Arctic Business Journal brings unfiltered business news and announcements to you through our dedicated news API and sponsored content. To learn more about our newswire service, click here. Our site is geared towards investors, business owners, decision makers, and Arctic enthusiasts to help keep track of the exciting developments in the Arctic, and to give the private sector a platform to better serve their communities and customers.

Our management team has several decades of experience between them in Arctic policy research, investment strategy, and bringing Arctic stakeholders together. We welcome collaborations, partnerships, and submissions by any business based in the Arctic, or with a strong base of operations there. If you would like to get work with us, please contact us via this link.

The Arctic Business Journal is wholly owned and operated by ArcticToday, and is managed by Griffith Couser, with staff based in Europe and North America. To learn more about ArcticToday, click here.